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Smart solutions for systems, organizations focusing on the ability to supply, control and operate intelligent energy systems

Smart energy systems including Building Management System (BMS) and Smart city.


Building Management System (BMS) is a synchronous system that allows control and management of all technical systems in the building such as electrical systems, domestic water supply systems, air-conditioning, ventilation and environmental warnings. , security, fire alarm - fighting, ... ensure the operation of equipment in the building is accurate, timely, efficient, energy-saving and saving operating costs. BMS system is a synchronous system with real-time, online, multimedia, multi-user, microprocessor systems including central microprocessors with all computer software and hardware. , I / O devices, area processors, sensors and controllers via point matrices.



A Building Management System (BMS) controls and monitors the following systems:
- Electricity distribution stations.
- Backup generator.
- Lighting systems.
- Air conditioning and ventilation system.
- Fire alarm system.
- Fire System.
- Elevator system.
- Public sound system.
- Access control card system.
- Security system.


Features of BMS
- Allow utilities (smart devices) in the building to operate in a synchronized and exact manner according to the requirements of the operator.
- Allows controlling applications in the building via control cables and network protocols.
- Connecting technical systems such as security, fire alarm, ... via the system's open interface port with interface languages ​​according to international standards.
- Monitoring the air environment, human working environment.
- Summarizing and reporting information.
- Warning of incidents, giving timely warning signals before incidents.
- Data management includes program editing, database management, graphics editing program, data storage and backup.
- Flexible, scalable BMS system with solutions, ready to meet all requirements.



Benefits brought from BMS
- Simplify and automate the operation of repetitive procedures and functions.
- Better management of equipment in the building thanks to data storage systems, maintenance and maintenance program and automatic warning reporting system.
- Reduce incidents and respond quickly to customer requests or when problems occur.
- Reduce energy costs through centralized control and energy management features.
- Reduce labor costs and training time for operators - easy to use, the management model is shown visually on the computer, allowing to minimize costs for personnel and training.
- Easy to upgrade, flexible programming on demand, size, organization and different expansion requirements.



Smart city is a model of the city applying information technology and artificial intelligence to manage, raise the standards of urban life, improve the quality of city government service and effectively use energy resources, natural resources.



To put it more simply, a smart city is a place to turn data collected from sensors into actions, which is a property of better managed infrastructure with the ability to change, based on the first data. access and adjust to get the most out of resources or improve security

Solutions to build a Smart City
With the principle of turning visual data collected daily into a guide for all activities of the city, and at the same time helping to implement policies, action programs from local governments to the people more quickly. . Sunmedia asks for three key points in laying the foundation for the formation of a smart city, including:

- The database system for public management (data center) is comprehensively synchronized from the provincial / city government to the ward / commune level.



- Specialized display system, showing important information - the city's policy in public places.



- Unified communication system, integrated modern online meeting technology. Continuously connecting departments to support the government to organize interdisciplinary meetings with the lowest cost


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