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Renewable energy

Using renewable energy to generate electricity to apply to technology

Renewable energy comes from natural resources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, trees, algae and geothermal and many other potential sources that scientists are still searching. These energy sources are renewable, It means that they can naturally recover and reproduce. Meanwhile, Fossil energy is a limited energy source that needs millions of years to develop and will gradually shrink.

Renewable energy sources have less environmental impact than fossil energy, which causes pollutions like greenhouse effect as a part of factorys, contribute largely to climate change. In order to exploit fossil energy, people have to work hard to drill deep into the ground, and in important positions for the ecosystem.

Renewable energy, which makes use of the power available throughout the world, include remote areas where electricity is not accessible. Advancements in renewable energy technologies over the years are making the cost of Solar panels (solar cells), Wind turbines and other green power sources reduce significantly , provide opportunities for the region. The household areas use these technologies.

Renewable energy can replace fossil energy sources in key areas including electricity, water, heat, and energy to operate electric motors and engines.


Renewable energy groups that Vietnam is developing and aiming to:





Not only Vietnam, countries around the world also need to use reliable, clean and sustainable energy sources with reasonable prices.

Tascom's goal is connecting energy experts to find complete solutions for the electrical industry, based on technology, digital innovation and human insights. These solutions are applicable to all areas of the plant and more than 90 power generation brands, with the goal of increasing efficiency and minimizing emissions from operating coal power plants.

Tascom provides energy equipment such as solar panels, wind turbines, ... designed specifically for the climatic conditions in Vietnam effectively for power plants, factories, resorts and hotels. , buildings, industrial parks to reduce the costs caused by wasted energy; production and supply of biomass products to replace fossil fuel sources are gradually exhausted; surveying, consulting, treating industrial emissions, treating boiler smoke ... for manufacturing plants to help manufacturers get closer to cleaner production technologies, while ensuring for the environment around the production area not polluted.