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TH True Milk factory

Switchboard farm electrical cabinets for electromechanical systems - farm No. 8 - TH True Milk project

Project Name: Supply electrical equipment for electromechanical systems - farm No. 8 - TH Milk Project

Product name: Main Distribution Switchboard (MSB)

Contractor: Tascom Vietnam Co., Ltd

Year of completion: 2014

Address: Farm No 8- TH True Milk Factory- Nghia Dan- Nghe An- Vietnam

All parts and details of the product are manufactured with the highest quality input material. They are also manufactured according to ISO 9001: 2015 and powder coated according to ANSI 70.

After production, all parts and components are tested in general inspection, mechanical test and electrical test. The final products are only out of the factory if they pass all tests.