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Sustainable in ecology and Sustainable in people


1. Sustainable in ecology

As a unit operating in the energy industry, enormous environmental challenges, Over many years of construction and development, Tascom has constantly strived, increased production of electrical equipment, innovated technology and applied modern techniques towards sustainable development, contribute to limit environmental pollutants. Habitat is a global concern. Environmental pollution and its harmful effects on life are being increasingly concerned by society. Therefore, protect the environment is the responsibility of all Tascom employees


2. Sustainable in people

Build an energy system that serves the needs of the present era without compromising the needs of future generations
Partner with customers to turn ideas into better solutions that serve the needs of people.
Ensure long-term and sustainable benefits for customers and ensure harmonization of factors related to socio-economic development and environment
Business ethics: Our culture and service values ​​stem from the implementation and respect for ethics and business standards with both customers and partners. This is also the motivation in all we have been doing and will do.
Transparency: We always try to be clear, maintain communication and share information in every aspect - from our business activities, our transactions with customers, and our offers or HR policies.